This is your hobby, it should be fun - Welcome to Studio Y


We heard you when you said:

  • “I wish I could have you in my sewing room!”
  • “Can you show me how to . . .”
  • “Don’t you have Saturday or evening classes?”
  • “My machine is too heavy to bring to a class.”
  • “What if the weather is bad?”
  • “Why don’t you move the store closer to my house?”  (Really?)

Who are the “WYseGuYs” . . .

Sheryl & Elayne at The Sewing Basket in Plymouth, WI

Why the name WYseGuYs?

We are wise to needs of quilters – techniques, products, machines and yes, even quilt math!

Sheryl started our shop 23 years ago and Elayne joined her over 15 years ago.  We have been teaching and answering your questions for a long time.  (We have over 60 years of combined quilting, sewing & embroidery experience.)

Oh, and sometimes we are accused of being wise guys.  A little humor can go a long way.  Finally, we each have a “Y” in our names and many of our staff do too. 

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What will you see in studio y

Real life sewing.  No pretty backdrop, unpolished nails, messy sewing rooms, different clothes including stocking feet and sometimes sweatpants.  You’ll be watching us as we create and sew in real life at home and in the shop. It will be recorded as we do it on different days, with different fabrics, on different machines as we finish projects or  change our mind mid-stream. Join us to see the whole creative process.


We are quilt shop owners - we sew and embroider every day.  This is what we do. Let’s have some fun together!

We aren’t professional photographers or videographers, copy writers, editors or proof readers, web designers, social media specialists or many other things.  So please enjoy the videos and laugh along with us! We’re doing our best. Just like you and your sewing skills - always do the best you can with the skills you have at the time :)

What does that mean to you?  It may not look “fancy” but, you’ll learn stuff . . .when we make a mistake, we’ll show what we did wrong and how to fix it.  You’ll see the tools and processes we use every day.  

 You’ll learn the “why & how” of projects - not just be told what to do.  

Learning should be fun. We’ll do our best.


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Tips, links & Info

We have taken the time to search and find the resources that answer the most often asked questions from our customers. Resources, information, and links, all in one place that focus on the current trends and interests of our creative community.

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All things Quilting!

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  • Applique
  • Quilting
  • Sewing Projects
  • Basics
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Machine Embroidery


All things machine embroidery!

  • Designs
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  • Quilting in the Hoop
  • Projects 
  • Basics
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Brother Machines


All things Brother Machines

  • Accessories and Feet
  • Features
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  • Maintenance and Care
  • Basics
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  • Resources

(Some topics are universal and can be adapted to  most machines)

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Video Patterns


Bring the WYse Guys home to sew along with you in your sewing studio.  With  the purchase of a Sewing Basket Original printed pattern  receive a video patterns  coupon fo access for just $1.99. Quilting fun and machine embroidery support  available at the Sewing Basket and the online shop. 

$9.99 online resource w/o printed pattern.  $1.99 with pattern purchase.

YBO - WhY Be OrdinarY!


"A pattern is only a suggestion"  

- so WhY Be OrdinarY! 


Need a creative spark? 

Exploring new techniques? 

These modules take you from design to finished project that will become uniquely your own.


Studio B - Rewind!


Attend a LIVE demo or retreat in Studio B and add on 30 day access to the info and resources on the topic. 

$4.99/per Demo/Retreat

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